Deprecated. Purely for historical purposes. These will not work on modern versions of Fire Pro World

Framework Mods

These are intended to make mods from multiple modders work together really well. These can't be turned off.

  • Ability to uncheck mods and individual features to prevent them from being patched in. Mod developers are expected to provide appropriate granularity.
  • New MDI control panel framework to help organize UI of mods. When Fire Pro is launched, mod developers will be able to provide their own user interface.
  • Logging framework to help users and developers debug problems between mods. Run Fire Pro World with the -logfile command line to log to a pwgrlog.txt file. This will impact performance while active.

Quality of life mods

  • Transfer list improvements
    • Full names show up in the wrestler list when transferring
  • Speed up wrestler select
    • The wrestler selection lists now scroll much smoother. Some visual artifacts may appear in menus.
  • Disable initial wrestler download
    • Using the -nodl command line option to launch Fire Pro will skip the initial wrestler download. This is a huge time saver. While this is active you will not receive updates to old edits that you subscribed to from the store and you will not download new subscribed edits.
  • Disable demo mode
    • This turns off the attract mode of Fire Pro. This is great if you have a poor PC or are developing mods and don't want the demo mode to cause issues.
  • Green Screen mode
    • Press the green screen button and only your wrestlers and some shadows will stay on the screen. Perfect for making an awesome gif. You must exit the match to get back to normal.
  • More body part scales
    • Expanded body part scaling options integrated directly into the costume editor. You can make much larger and much smaller body parts. To prevent online cheating, this is artificially limited.
  • Alpha values for layers integrated director into the costume editor
    • Make layers transparent. To prevent onlie cheating, this is artifically limited.
  • WWE Style submissions
    • Only allow submissions when a finisher or signature is applied
  • Take control of player 1. I always forget to change the first player from CPU control. If that sounds like you, then this is the mod for you. Press a button while in the middle of a game and you will now be controlling player 1.
  • Start at the menu. If you want to get into the game as quick as possible, skip the opening video and menu with this mod.
  • Big Head mode.

Recent Bug Fixes

  • WWE Submission mod fixes so enemies take damage
  • Fixes the issue where you can't complete a mission if you have the faster wrestler select enabled
  • Framework updater fix

Upcoming fixes