Currently Known Issues

  • PWGR Quality of Life mods incompatible with 9009+. For now, just uncheck the QOL mods.
  • * Custom match types not working with 9009+. For now, please uncheck. These will likely return after FPW World is out of Early Access.
  • Full out crash on patching for a limited set of users on Windows 7. I do not know the cause of this.

Fixed in latest version

PWGR Quality of Life <

  • Remove WWE Style Submission Mod due to characters not taking damage.
  • Long transfer name removed due to issues. May remove after early access

PWGR Quality of Life <

  • WWE Style Submission Mod causes characters not to take damage. Disable or update the mods.

PWGR Patcher 8/12/17

  • Mission mode can not be completed. After completing a mission you will see a black screen. This is being fixed.